Christ Our Savior Baptist Church, est. 2017

Christ Our Savior Baptist Church was planted in an unusual way. In the Spring of 2017, two existing congregations in Northwest Houston, Mills Road Baptist Church and Covenant Church of Spring, came together to start this new church, with the conviction that they could better glorify God and proclaim the gospel as one church than as two. The foundation for this church plant was the unity in Christ, in doctrine, and in practice that these two churches had shared for years. Not only this, but both congregations were united by a shared goal: we wanted to be a bright and clear gospel witness in this part of Houston, reaching the lost and helping Christians grow in Christ. After several months filled with discussions, joint worship, and hammering out our founding documents, both congregations voted to join together on the last Sunday in April, 2017. On Sunday, May 7, they covenanted together to form Christ Our Savior Baptist Church.

Mills Road Baptist Church

Mills Road Baptist Church was planted by Larry Newcomer in 1974 as a mission church of Northwest Baptist Church.  The church was planted in the Landmark Baptist tradition, but within 10 years of planting the church, Pastor Newcomer underwent a theological reformation that led him to embrace the Doctrines of Grace and a biblical, historically Protestant, ecclesiology. During Pastor Newcomer's over 40-year ministry at Mills Road, the church went through its share of twists and turns, but it was always marked by a commitment to the gospel, to the faithful, expositional preaching of God's word, and a humble desire to grow in Christ. Kyle Newcomer, Larry's son, began serving as the Preaching Pastor of Mills Road Baptist Church in March of 2014. When the two churches joined together, Kyle, Larry and their fellow elder, Geo Haines, became three of the founding pastors of Christ Our Savior Baptist Church.

Covenant Church of Spring

Covenant Church of Spring was planted in the Fall of 2011 by John Young. Having been on staff at a large Baptist church in Houston for 5 years previous to that, John felt his and his family’s lives and hearts drawn more and more to the people of the Spring/Klein/Champions area. John believed the best way to serve that area was through planting a church focused on expositional preaching and meaningful church membership, with a commitment to holding one another accountable in our Christian walks.

From the time John began considering planting a church in the area and continuing until they merged, Mills Road Baptist Church was an encouragement to and model for the ministry that John hoped to cultivate at Covenant Church. So he is thankful to God for his providence in bringing these two churches together as one.

John's fellow elder, Jeff Berkhouse, has been worshiping at Covenant Church since its inaugural service and was installed as an elder in 2012. When the new church was started, they were two of the founding pastors of Christ Our Savior Baptist Church.