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Children's Ministry
Our childcare volunteers serve on a six-week rotation. If you are willing to serve in childcare, please choose one of the options below. Please note, as part of our child protection policy, (1) we will ask you to fill out a background check form, and (2) we have a "Two Unrelated Adults" rule, requiring that each childcare setting is staffed by two, unrelated adults, so you would not be scheduled to serve with your spouse.
Setup / Teardown Team
Team members arrive early and help set up the building for worship, and then help clean up after the service. Each team serves for one month at a time, and then is off for three months.
Reading Scripture
Volunteer to read the New Testament Scripture reading during our worship service. You'll be emailed the week you serve with the Scripture for that week. Both men and women are welcome to serve as readers.
Congregational Music
Serve the congregation by helping to lead our singing, either by playing an instrument or singing.
Do you have other gifts or talents you believe could be useful to the church? Please share your ideas with us!